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Country: USA
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Daniel (Dan) Kimball was the CEO of DNS.com until it was acquired by Comodo in 2011. He continues to work with DNS.com under Comodo.[1] DNS.com was launched by Dan Kimball and Sean Stafford under the name Comwired, Inc. in late 2008.[2]

Career History

Earlier in his career, he was the Director of Reseller Channels at ModernGigabyte.[3] While working at ModernGigabyte, Dan helped to launch Comwired, Inc., as an innovative, alternative DNS option.[4] From 2007-2008, he founded and was the CSO at DNZoom. Mr. Kimball previously served as the Director of Sales at ModernBill.[5]

At ClaraNet, he served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for two years. He has also been the Director of Reseller Sales at NTT/Verio, Consultant and Interland and Channel Sales Manager at Qwest Communication.


He studied at Arkansas Tech University.[6]


Guest Post: The Ideology of DNZoom: Part II