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The Dark Web is a part of the Internet ecosystem in which websites are published and information disseminated without revealing the publisher's identity or location. It is only accessible through services such as Tor.[1] As outlined in RFC 7686, the Tor network hosts network services using the .onion Special-Use TLD.[2] Instead of using the DNS infrastructure, .onion names correspond to the identity of a service, combining location and authentication. They provide access to end-to-end encrypted, anonymized services. The location of the client is obscured from the server, but the client's identity may be disclosed depending on the optional cryptographic authentication process. The Tor network is not subject to any central controlling authorities with regards to routing or service publication. Thus, .onion names cannot be registered, assigned, transferred, or revoked. "Owners" refer to those who have control of a public/private key pair that corresponds to the algorithmic derivation of the name.