Denise Hochbaum

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Organization: Design Factor Solutions, Inc
Affiliation: ICANN
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
End User
Region: North America
Country: USA

Career History

Brazilian born and current resident in US, Denise Avivit of Alcantara Hochbaum, PhD has consistently contributed to the expansion of Brazilian cultural identity in the field of architecture, art and theatre for scholars and professionals while planning lectures, exhibitions and workshops at Maryland University and at American Institute of Architecture NY since 2009 and AIA-Chapter DC, La.IDEA. ( LATINA AMERICA INTERIOR DESIGN, ENGINEER AND ARCHITECT), since 2016.

She is a researcher interested in Latina America female artists and recently developed the interest in identifying aspects considering Women’s participation on the Internet from remote areas of Latin America, focusing in Women more than 40 years old, potentially committed to reinventing themselves for new careers.


Architect who abstained a master Degree in Performing Art from Scholl of Comunications and Art at University of São Paulo, Brazil (ECA-USP) and PhD in Urban Structures at University of São Paulo, Brazil (FAU-USP). Her education continued in US, attending training in art management and computer design at New York College of Technology and New York University.