Drew Bagley

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Affiliation: Secure Domain Foundation / CrowdStrike
Country: USA
Email: drew [at] securedomain.org

Drew Bagley works at Secure Domain Foundation, where he leads the SDF's efforts to engage registrars, registries, and hosting companies in sharing DNS Abuse information to create a safer Internet. At CrowdStrike, he focuses on privacy law, cross-border data transfers, and other cybersecurity legal issues.[1]

Bagley is involved with ICANN as a CCT Review Team Expert, where he studies the impact of new TLDs on competition and consumer trust. He has also authored many publications related to technology law, teaches graduate cybersecurity policy courses, and was previously an Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow.[1]

He self-professes that he would like to "make the Internet a better, safer place.[1]

As of ICANN 55 in Morocco, Bagley had gone to over four ICANN Meetings, as well as MAAWG.[1]


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