EDventure Holdings, Inc

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Edventure logo.png
Type: Private
Industry: Information Services
Founded: USA, 1978
Founder(s): Esther Dyson
Headquarters: New York
Country: USA
Website: edventure.com

EDventure Holdings, Inc is a New York based company, which was owned by Esther Dyson until 2004, after which it was sold over to an international, interactive content company, CNET Networks, Inc.. Esther Dyson is a catalyst of IT start-ups in several global marketets; CNET Networks, Inc. took control of the company on March 19th, 2004, in a cash and stock based transaction. Edventure Ventures is the venture capital investment wing of EDventure Holdings, Inc.[1]

Esther Dyson and ICANN

Esther Dyson is a former ICANN Board Chairman. She was one of the nine intial directors of ICANN and was appointed in October, 1998. She was very efficient as a member of the ICANN Board and served as Director of ICANN until November, 2000. [2]


EDventure Holdings, Inc was established by Esther Dyson in 1978. The company functioned as an independent entity; known for its annual technology conference for IT executives, investors and entrepreneurs, PC Forum, and its monthly technology report, Release 1.0.

The acquisition resulted in the further growth of CNET Networks, which benefitted from the analytical and thought leadership of Esther Dyson as well as the award-winning editorial team of the company. This helped in the growth of the various business technology brands of CNET Networks, such as TechRepublic, ZDNet and CNET.com.[3]


Currently, the brands TechRepublic, ZDNet and CNET News.com reach out to approximately six million readers every month in the U.S; adding EDventure's journalism team adds strategic clout. The long established and well-maintained global network of EDventure with Wall Street and Washington, D.C. leaders, has helped CNET Networks in deepening ties to IT executive and C Level audiences to do further development with technology start-ups.[4]