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ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon ICANN61

Date: March 13, 2018

Time: 9:00 - 10:15 am

Proposal: To create, translate and improve articles on ICANN and Internet governance

Reception Dinner: Registration Link

How to Participate:

  1. Create an account on ICANNWiki
  2. Learn the basics of editing
  3. Choose an article to improve, translate or create -or-
  4. Create a Person Page for yourself or someone you know in the community
  5. Sign up for the ICANNWiki Discussion List.

What to Edit


We are constantly growing our multilingual content. We currently have 5 language sites other than English that are live:

and we have three in early stages of development:

Articles That Can be Created or Improved

Your Page! Part of what makes ICANNWiki a great resource is the information on the members of the community. If you do not have an article about yourself on ICANNWiki, this is a great opportunity to create one. Personal Page (input your name below): {{#forminput:form=Person|size=35|no autofocus|placeholder=Enter Full Name Here|button text=Create Page}}

Organizations or Actors

Suggestion: Think about what organizations or actors you are affiliated with or know a lot about. This could be your employer, a local ISOC Chapter, your countries national IGF, or anything else relevant to the Internet governance space.

  • Organization Page (input organization name below): {{#forminput:form=Actor|size=35|no autofocus|placeholder=Enter Organization Here|button text=Create or Edit Page}}


Working Groups

Working Group Form (input working group below): {{#forminput:form=ICANN Working Group|size=35|no autofocus|placeholder=Enter Working Group Here|button text=Create or EditPage}}


Resource Page (input resource below): {{#forminput:form=Resource|size=35|no autofocus|placeholder=Enter Name of Resource Here|button text=Create or EditPage}}


  • ICANN61
  • Other events related to Internet governance

Event Page (input event name below): {{#forminput:form=Event|size=35|no autofocus|placeholder=Enter Event Name Here|button text=Create or EditPage}}