Eduardo Fumes Parajo

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Country: Brazil
Email: eduardo[at]
LinkedIn: link=Profile   [Profile Eduardo Fumes Parajo]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @eduardoparajo

Eduardo Fumes Parajo is a Board Member of, which is the national registry for the .br ccTLD, and the Chairman of Abranet, The Brazilian Internet Association. On the board, Mr. Parajo represents ISPs and content providers; his term is set for 2011 - 2013. He has been with Abranet since 2000, and the organization works with over 300 ISPs in Brazil and with content providers. Abranet is a member of the ISP Constituency within ICANN. He is involved with Internet Governance and regulation at a regional and international level.[1]

Eduardo Fumes Parajo is the Founder and CEO of Durand, an ISP that he established in 1995.[2][3]


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