Endurance International Group

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Type: Public
Industry: Internet, Web hosting, Registrar
Founded: 1997
Founder(s): Hari Ravichandran
Headquarters: Burlington, MA
Country: USA
Employees: 4000+
Revenue: $1.1B+
Website: Endurance.com
Facebook: Endurance International Group
LinkedIn: Endurance International Group
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@EnduranceIntl

Endurance International Group is a web hosting company, formerly known as BizLand. It was founded in 1997 as a company to help small businesses get onto the web quickly. After the tech bubble burst, BizLand resized and emerged as Endurance just before 2001, with only 14 employees.[1] The new company began with customer acquisitions and the construction of back-end tools, eventually to move towards expanding their services.[1]

Endurance is named after the ship of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who sailed across Antarctica in 1914. The ship Endurance was crushed by pack ice, but Shackleton's entire 28-man crew remained alive through their thousand-mile trek to safety, through open ocean and glaciers. That tale inspired Endurance CEO Hari Ravichandran to recreate BizLand after the .com crash.[1]

The company is now backed by Warburg Pincus and GS Capital Partners, and has over 2,500 employees. Its services are used by over 3 million subscribers.[1]

It values customer service and open source data.[2]


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