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Country: Ghana
Email: emko[at]

Eric M. K. Osiakwan founded, and has been involved with, AfrISPA since 2002,[1] and is currently its Executive Secretary.[2] He is also the Director of Internet Research, which is a consulting firm for ISPs and other entities interested in ICT development. Mr. Osiakwan's Internet Research company acts as the secretariat for the Ghana Internet Service Providers Association, which he is also the founder of.[3][4]

Eric is actively involved in African IT infrastructure development in a variety of roles and capacities,[5] and he has travelled extensively throughout the continent in pursuit of this work.[6]

Other Roles

  • Visiting Fellow, Stanford University and Reuters Foundation Digital Vision Program
  • Project Co-ordinator, UC Berkeley TIER Group in Ghana
  • Affiliate, Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School
  • Consultant, WorldBank’s Information for Development program on Open Access for Africa
  • Consultant, UNDP Ghana
  • Contributor, Tony Blairs’ Commission for Africa
  • Co-Author, “The Internet in Ghana”
  • Associate, Spintrack AB, Sweden
  • Associate, Balancing Act, UK
  • Associate, African Analysis CC, S.A
  • Director, InHand Ltd.
  • Director, PenPlusBytes
  • Co-Founder, Ghana New Ventures Competition[7]

He was previously a board member for the Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa.[8]

Eric has hosted a radio talk-show on Technology in Ghana.[9]