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Country: Sweden
Email: eva [at] nic-se.se
LinkedIn: link=Eva Frölich   [Eva Frölich Eva Frölich]

Eva Frölich started her career in Telecommunications and Internet industries in 1980s when she worked as a Network Engineer with Televerket. Since mid 1980s, Naming, Numbering and Addressing has been a part of her life.[1]


During the 1990s, she worked for the National Post & Telecom Agency in Sweden. She participating in ITU, ETSI, ECTRA and other bodies on behalf of National Post & Telecom Agency and discussed the developments with regards to Naming, Numbering & Addressing issues.

In 1997 she joined NIC-SE and participated in CENTR and ICANN meetings. She held a position on the Board of CENTR in the years 1999-2002. In 2001 she left NIC-SE. Then she started her own consultancy company. She has also been on the Board of PIR, the .org registry from last one year.[2]

Ms. Frölich also has served as one of the individuals appointed to the ccNSO Council by ICANN's NomCom.


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