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Country: Pakistan
Email: fouadbajwa[at]


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Fouad Riaz Bajwa is the CEO at Agriculture Republic and Digital Dera. Before that, he was an ICT and Internet Public Policy Analyst, Researcher and Advocate in the beautiful city of Lahore, Pakistan. He has long been an advisor and engaged as a Principal Policy Analyst and Consultant in public policy reforms and sector development for a fragile country's government efforts to develop an efficient IT Industry and boost the economy. Fouad's experience spans International projects and teams dealing with the formulation of national public policy, regulations, development practices, monitoring and evaluation covering Human Development, Industry Development, Trade Analysis, ICT and IT Policy, Internet Governance, Internet Public Policy, National Software Development Ecosystems, Internet Rights and Freedoms, Policy Analysis and Advocacy for policy reform.

He has been contributing to the ICANN Community since 2009. Fouad has been working towards guiding global ICT public policy at the multilateral and bilateral levels consulting on policy issues as an ICT Expert occasionally with various United Nations bodies etc. He serves as a Principle Digital Rights Policy Advisor for a national-level digital and human rights protection body in Pakistan.

He was recently working as a Senior Public Policy Analyst developing an IT Industry Development policy and advice for a fragile developing country in South Asia. For the past 17 years, he has been working in the domain of ICT Industry development, Information Technology IT-sector development, Internet and DNS Industry Development, mass capacity development initiatives and promoting the usage and adoption of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)[1] He has also acted as the Webmaster for the Pakistani government.[2]

Mr. Bajwa is leading the Internet Research Project Pakistan (IRP2) and his organization's work on the Pakistani ICTs, Telecoms, Internet and IT Industry advocacy has been highlighted by the Pakistani national mainstream electronic and print media. He has participated in ICANN for over 12 years. He was the Co Vice-Chair of ICANN's Asia Pacific Regional At Large Organization (APRALO), with an original tenure from 2010 through June 2012; he was re-elected for a second two-year term running through June 2014.[3] He has been also involved with APRALO's umbrella organization, ICANN's ALAC.[4]

An interview with Fouad with CIO Pakistan, on the topic of new gTLDs, can be found here.

Internet Work

He advocates, teaches, speaks, writes and researches on issues related to the Internet, Human and Social Development Technology, Internet Governance, IG4D, Free & Open Source Software, Community Development, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Blogging and Online Entrepreneurship.

Fouad has been actively involved in public policy information activism for the development of pro-people Information Technology and/or Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Electronic Laws in Pakistan.[5]

Fouad is an ISOC Global member,[6], Next Generation Leader, [7] and also served as an ISOC Ambassador to the IGF.[8] He is on the board of the APRALO, and currently acting as its co-Vice Chair.[9] He is also a community member at the DiploFoundation.[10]

Fouad participated in the WSIS'05-World Summit on Information Society Tunisia 2005 and has been a member of the UN Secretary General's MAG Multistakeholder Advisory Group for the Internet Governance Forum from April 2009 to February 2012.

Fouad Riaz Bajwa founded and acted as the secretary for the Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan (FOSSFP), Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan, that advocated the use of Open Source Software for humanitarian and socio-economic development.[11]

Fouad enjoys many aspects of life, including but not limited to music, dancing, traveling, writing, web design, art, and general adventures.


Watch Fouad Riaz Bajwa, along with other familiar ICANN participants, discuss the Multistakeholder Model. The video was produced with help from Google at ICANN 44 in June, 2012, in Prague.