Francis Nwokelo

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Organization: LzaTech
Region: Africa
Country: Nigeria
Email: emperorfin4[at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Francis Nwokelo

Francis Nwokelo also known as Emperor has a degree in Computer Science. He's a Software Developer, Techpreneur (Tech Entrepreneur), and Technophilia. He has the vision to create disruptive innovations that would greatly improve African economic development (not just the economic growth) as well as innovative ideas to disrupt existing markets and industries in the world. He's working on solving some of the most challenging problems facing developing countries. He has an interest in sustainable welfare-enhancing economic growth, sustainable & responsible business practices, green technology, and a disruption economy. He is enthusiastic about internet financial security and internet governance. He is the Organizer of Google Developers Group Njikoka, NextGen@ICANN60, and an aspiring philanthropist.

Francis' first ICANN Meeting is ICANN 60 in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

NextGen@ICANN60 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), October - November 2017.


B.Sc, Computer Science, University Of Nigeria, Nsukka.


  • Faculty Best Class Representative, University of Nigeria Nsukka, 2014.
  • Faculty Most Popular Student, University of Nigeria Nsukka, 2014.
  • Most Popular Student in the Department, University of Nigeria Nsukka, 2014.
  • Nominated as the Most Popular Student in University of Nigeria Nsukka, 2014.
  • Second Overall Best Student, Nnamdi Azikiwe Secondary School, 2007.