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ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member
of the ICANN Board

Francisco da Silva was a non-voting Board Member of ICANN from 2012 to 2013 as liaison for the Technical Liaison Group.

"Francisco da Silva Born and raised in Portugal, he has an extensive background in the telecommunications industry. From 1998 until the end of 2012, he was chairman (previously Vice Chairman of Board 1996-1998) of the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) General Assembly. He was elected chairman of the ETSI Board from 2002 until 2008. He is since then Member of the ETSI Board.

He is Senior Councillor at Huawei Technologies Sweden, which company he represents in ETSI General Assembly. He is an ETSI representative to 3GPP Project Coordination Group and to the oneM2M Steering Committee. He is Huawei representative in Global eSustainability Initiative.

He was Director of EURESCOM (European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications — Board of Governors) and of ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators Association — Executive Board).

Francisco da Silva has a Degree in Electrical Engineering (Instituto Superior Tenico – Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa). He is the author, among others, of books such as "Fronteiras do Futuro" (1994, impacts of the latest scientific and technological revolution on society), "Narrativa Nova" (1998, dialogues of the Information Society) and "Reviravolta" (from the telephone to the broadband).

He was selected for the ICANN Board by the Protocol Support Organization (now discontinued) and began service on its Board in December 2002. Francisco Jesus Silva was selected as non-voting liaison to the ICANN Board by the Technical Liaison Group. His first term as Technical Liaison Group Liaison ended after the conclusion of ICANN's annual meeting in 2004. He was selected to serve again as the non-voting liaison to the ICANN Board by the Technical Liaison Group through the 2007 annual meeting. Francisco served as ICANN NomCom voting member in 2010. He has been selected as the non-voting liaison by the Technical Liaison Group for the year ending at the Annual General Meeting in 2013."[1]


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