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Country: Norway


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Frank Nylaende is the CEO and founder of Provida AS[1], an accounting and consulting firm located in Oslo, Norway.


He received his degree in Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) & BI Norwegian Business School[2] and became a state authorized accountant and registered auditor.

Business and Career

His professional career began in Price Waterhouse Coopers DA, an audit firm located in Fredrikstad. He started as a Senior Associate where he was able to practice professional accounting on client’s portfolios, and because he is also part of the middle management, he played some key roles in department-level decision-making across functional lines. He worked 8 years within the management after which he transferred to Renolit Norge AS, a German industrial plastic company. He was the company’s Chief Financial Officer who was responsible in overseeing a number of administrative departments – finance, human resource and Information Technology, at the same time, he implements strategic information and instructions from the CEO of the company. After 4 years, he took on the CEO position in Renolit and took up more top management responsibilities. In 2006, the company was liquidated and Frank Nylaende shared out the company’s assets on behalf of the Renolit Norge’s German owners.

Today, aside from running his own accounting firm, Frank Nylaende is also serving top management functions as Chartered Financial Manager and Chairman in four companies of different industries - Tocricle Industries AS[3], Grade Floor AS[4], Normedical AS, Bridge AS[5].