Global Inclusion Initiatives

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2015 ICANN establishes Global Support Centers; expansion of ICANN Language Services scope - Seda Akbulut, Tammy Yeow Fadi Chehadé & Steve Crocker Beginning of Digital Inclusion Era -
The Universal Acceptance SG is founded Ajay Data, Abdalmonem Tharwat Galila, Maria Kolesnikova, Lilian Ivette De Luque Bruges, Dessalegn Mequanint Yehuala, U.B. Pavanaja, Mark Svancarek, Nitin Walia, Sarika Gulyani, Wei Pei, Photchanan Ratanajaipan, Nabil Benamar, Satish Babu, Rajiv Kumar, Abhishek Mishra UASG
2016 First mention of "multistakeholder process" makes it into ICANN Bylaws due to the work of ICG and the CCWG-IG; Bertrand de la Chapelle Fadi Chehadé /Akram Atallah/Göran Marby & Steve Crocker 2016 ICANN Bylaws, Public Comment, April 21, 2016
the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network holds first global conference on "Legal Interoperability"
Geographic Regions Review Working Group Recommendations Mapping Document is accepted by board, emphasizing the general principle of geographic diversity is valuable and should be preserved ICANN 63 Adiel Akplogan, David Archbold, Fahd Batayneh, Ching Chiao, Olga Cavalli, Zahid Jamil, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Carlton Samuels, Paul Wilson, Bart Boswinkel, Mandy Carver, Gisella Gruber, Robert Hoggarth
2019 Enhancing the evolution of ICANN's Multistakeholder Model (MSM) begins - ICANN 64, ICANN 65, ICANN 66 Brian Cute Göran Marby & Cherine Chalaby/Maarten Botterman Beginning of Evolution of ICANN's MSM Enhancing Effectiveness of MSM
GAC forms Universal Acceptance and IDN Working Group ICANN 66 UA IDN WG, GAC