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Country: USA
Email: gjmanriquez [at]

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Gregory Manriquez is the Founder and CEO of NameDrive LLC.[1] Gregory is an experienced domain broker who started at Sedo broker before launching his own business. [2]


NameDrive was founded in 2005. The business deals with domain parking, brokerage, optimization, sale and development of strategies and other related domain parking solutions. In this way, it allows domainers to place well targeted advertising links on their sites to maximize the profit through web traffic.[3]

One of the most successful projects of NameDrive is the NDX Market which is a global yet independent point where domain owners gather to auction and sell their domain names.[4]

Patent for "Method for Domain Trading"

In November, 2008, Gregory Manriquez and Stevan Lieberman filed a patent for domain name securitization. Their invention is called "Method for Domain Trading" which allows a domain owner to divide his domain portfolio into various risk levels while issuing bonds and trading the portfolio on an open market. [5]

The patent was published in May, 2009. [6]