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Grupo Globo.png
Type: Sociedade Anônima
Industry: Broadcasting, printing
Founded: 1925
Founder(s): Irineu Marinho
Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Country: Brazil
Employees: 24,000 (2014)
Revenue: $7.2 billion (2013)
Blog: Grupo Globo news
LinkedIn: Grupo Globo
Key People
Roberto Irineu Marinho, president
João Roberto Marinho, institucional vice-president
José Roberto Marinho, social responsability vice-president
Jorge Nóbrega, executive vice-president

Grupo Globo, formerly known as Organizações Globo, is a media group headquarted in the Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. The company was funded in 1925 by Irineu Marinho, when he was funded the frist company of the gruop, the A Noite newspaper, a nightly newspaper. After the sucessful of the A Noite, the company created a new morning newspaper, namead as O Globo.

Roberto Marinho, son of Ireneu Marinho dead, assumed the company after the sudden death of your father. Globo expanded your activities in the Roberto administration, creating the Rádio Globo in 1944 and TV Globo in 1965. TV Globo is the largest company of the group, and the biggest television network in Brazil. Roberto Marinho died in 2002, and Globo became be owned by your sons, Roberto Irineu, José Roberto and João Roberto.

Grupo Globo is the owner of the .globo brand TLD, proposed by the company for use in your websites:, G1,, Gshow, and others. The word "globo", in Portuguse, means globe.


Editora Globo

Editora Globo is the book and magazine publishing division of the group.[1] is the ISP, web portal and internet division of the group. All websites owned by Grupo Globo is hosted in the domain.[2]


Globosat is the pay television channels division of the group. Globosat includes the channels Bis, Canal Brasil, Canal Futura, Canal OFF, Canal Viva, Combate, ForMan, GloboNews, Gloob, GNT, Megapix, Multishow, Playboy TV, Premiere, Private, Sexy Hot, Sextreme, SporTV, SporTV2, SporTV3, Studio Universal, Syfy Brasil, Universal Channel, Telecine, Venus and +Globosat.[3][4]


Infoglobo is the newspaper publishing and printing division. Publish the newspapers O Globo, Extra and Expresso da Notícias, alogside owns the Agência Globo, an news agency service.[5]

Sistema Globo de Rádio

Sistema Globo de Rádio is the division of sound broadcasting of the group. The company owns two radio networks, Rádio Globo (for general audiences) and CBN (news talk network), alongside of BH FM, a local radio station in Belo Horizonte city and RadioBeat, a webradio service.[6]

Som Livre

Som Livre is the label record division of the group. Som Livre records the songs of Rede Globo shows, like telenovelas, series and miniseries. The company also owns a large musical archive, that includes titles of the more relevant artists of Brazil, like Elis Regina, Tim Maia, Chico Buarque, and more others.[7]

Rede Globo

Rede Globo is the biggest television network in Brazil, known worldwide by your productions, including your telenovelas, awarded for various times with an Emmy International. Rede Globo have 117 affiliates and 5 owned and operated stations in the Brazilian territory, and broadcast worldwide via TV Globo Internacional, inclued in the programming of 70 cable and satellite operators across the globe.[8]


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