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HSTLD refers to High Security Top Level Domains. ICANN established HSTLDs under a High Security Top Level Domain Program in order to increase the security and trust for the top-level domain (TLD) registry operators who were interested in becoming a part of the program. Although ICANN started the program originally, it does not govern current HSTLD programs and is not liable for issues that come out from the use or non-use of HSTLD standards.[1]

Who works towards HSTLD program?

A community-led High Security TLD Advisory Group (HSTLD AG) has been developed to look after the HSTLD program controls and criteria.[2] The Advisory Group (AG) meets on a regular basis to build on the concept of a security verification program for the TLDs. This Advisory Group is comprised of members from the ICANN staff and members of the community who are keen on assisting in the development of the program as well as people who are experts in fields related to the program such as auditing, certification, security and programs.[3]

ICANN had also requested information from potential contractors and other parties interested in its High Security Top-Level Domains (HSTLD) Advisory Group in the evaluation and shaping of the program.[4]

Problems for ICANN

In November 2010, a major financial lobbyist group named BITS threatened to sue ICANN if it didn't put restrictions on .bank TLDs. BITS, a technology policy branch of the Financial Services Roundtable, was of the opinion that there was a need to ban financial TLDs from the first round of new Top Level Domains, at least until new rules concerning security were developed. In reaction to this, the HSTLD AG put more emphasis on creating technology policy specifications for the sake of registries responsible for HSTLDs. [1]

Future of HSTLD

ICANN and the HSTLD AG mutually agreed that it was of value to conduct a Request for Information (RFI) on the program. ICANN is committed to to reducing the malicious conduct in the applications of the new GTLDs and provides its full support towards the development of the HSTLD as an independent and voluntarily operated program.[5]


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