Haja Ramboasalama

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Country: Madagascar
Email: ramboa [at]ird.mg
Facebook: link=haja.ramboasalama   [haja.ramboasalama Haja Ramboasalama]
LinkedIn: link=haja-ramboasalama   [haja-ramboasalama Haja Ramboasalama]

Hajanirina Ramboasalama is the Administrative Contact for the .mg ccTLD,[1] which is managed by NIC-MG;[2] he is also the Technical Director at Orchid Systems.[3] Mr. Ramboasalama was a Director of the Board of AfriNIC from 2007 until 2010.[4]

Haja Ramboasalama participates in ICANN's ccTLD and ccNSO activities, he is a member of the ccNSO.[5][6] He also participates in AfriNIC and AfTLD meetings and discussions. He is an advocate for the introduction of local ISPs in Madagascar.[7]