Hamza Ben Mehrez

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Country: Tunisia
Email: hbmehrez [at] igmena.org

Hamza Ben Mehrez is an Internet policy analyst of HIVOS foundation on IGMENA, a program that brings voice together from the Arab region on Internet governance and policy. [1] He specializes in technology, economic development, Internet governance and Human rights. He has an extensive experience working with multistakeholder groups on IG policy advocacy and outreach engagement on improved knowledge on IG in the MENA region and enhanced legislation.

Professional Experience

His area of expertise includes freedom of expression, data protection and privacy, censorship and surveillance and cyber security, development organization, advocacy campaigns and digital rights research, placing a high value on monitoring and evaluation. Hamza Ben Mehrez is an Internet governance enthusiast with professional experience who bridges the Internet policy world with the experience of international organizations, academia, government, the private sector and civil society in the Arab world.

Hamza Ben Mehrez is the founder of the Internet Policy Analyst Project (IPA) [1] which is the biggest base of Internet Policy Analyst authors in the MENA region that studies the human and social dimension of the Internet focused on the human and social dimensions of introducing technology and the Internet into daily activities and its impacts on the growth of communities.

Hamza Ben Mehrez is involved in enhancing the policy understanding, Developing Policy at ICANN. A fundamental part of ICANN’s Mission is to coordinate policy development related to the Internet’s system of unique identifiers for a more transparent policy development mechanisms that promote well-informed decisions based on expert advice, and in collaboration with entities most affected by policy development. He is a part of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) where he represents the interests and concerns of non-commercial registrants and non-commercial Internet users of generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) in the MENA region. [2]

Involvement with ICANN and IANA Transition

A global non-profit leader, ICANN Fellow and coach, ISOC board member in Tunisia and a world traveler who thrives to enhance people understanding of Internet policy advocacy and Internet economy. Hamza Ben Mehrez's ultimate goal is to achieve a multidisciplinary approach to internet development through a strong integration among economic, historical, anthropological and legal development of projects and operational skills in the Arab world.


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