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Organization: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung - REMENA
Region: Africa
Country: Morocco

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Blog: http://www.instagram/thehamzasaidi
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Hamza Saidi Hamza Saidi is currently Project Coordinator of the Regional Program Energy Security and Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa (KAS – REMENA), based in Rabat, Morocco. During the past two years in this position, he has been in charge of coordinating the planning and execution of expert discussions and young experts’ trainings. Prior to working with KAS – REMENA, he was an adjunct professor at Mohammed V University of Rabat for a semester and a Program Leader with Rustic Pathways for 3 years where he was in charge of educational tourism programs for students coming from different parts of the world. Hamza Saidi received his General Studies diploma in the English Department from Mohammed First University of Oujda, his BA in theoretical Linguistics from Mohammed V University of Rabat, and his MA in Sociolinguistics from University of Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech.[1][2]

ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Morocco was his first ICANN Meeting.[1]

Career History

SPEEK (2014-2015)

AIESEC Menara Hub(2014-2015)

MasterPeace Morocco (2014-2015)

Green Wheels (2015-2016)

Marrakech City Bike (2015-2016)

Cafe Clock Marrakech (2015-2016)

Rustic Pathways (2016-2018)

Mohammed V University (2017-2018)

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (2018- Current)


  • Baccalaureate in Physics and Chemistry
  • B.A English Studies
  • M.A in Linguistics and Advanced English Studies


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