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of the ICANN Board

Hans Kraaijenbrink was an ICANN director from its formation in 1998 until June 2003. According to SIDN, "He played a key role in the development and reform of ICANN, always seeking to ensure that a balance was maintained between the interests of the various stakeholders."[1]


Hans served as a director of ICANN from its formation in October 1998 until June 26, 2003. He was one of nine initial directors.[2] Hans served on the Executive Committee, the Executive Search Committee, and the Reconsideration Committee.[3]

Following his death in November 2003, the ICANN Board issued a resolution in his memory and honoring his contributions to the organization. It read: "Whereas, the ICANN Board mourns the loss of its former member and colleague, Hans Kraaijenbrink, who passed away 5 November 2003; Whereas, Hans served as an ICANN director from the creation of ICANN in 1998 until June 2003; Whereas, Hans played a key role in the evolution and reform of ICANN seeking always to balance the interests and principles of many constituencies. Hans was always ready to serve when asked. His vision and determination will be sorely missed; Whereas, we were most fortunate to be able to work with him over the past 5 years, and have offered our collective condolences to all of his friends and family. We hope that those close to him will be sustained in this sad time by the love of family and friends who knew and valued him as a friend and colleague; Whereas, Hans played an important role in the Evolution and Reform Committee's work, in particular in the forming of the ccNSO, where his spirit, humor and dedication made working enjoyable, while making key contributions to this organization; Whereas, we can be sure Hans would have been pleased to learn of the formal formation of ICANN's ccNSO on 1 March 2004. Whereas, we have suffered a great loss, but celebrate Hans' life."[4]

Furthermore, the resolution read, "It is with great sadness that the ICANN community learned of the passing of Hans. One of ICANN's first Board members, appointed in 1998, he was also one of its most enduring supporters. Active from the start, he was instrumental in the organization's development, including its recent reform. A key participant on the Evolution Reform Committee, Hans worked with Alejandro Pisanty, Lyman Chapin and Nii Quaynor, to guide the organization towards reform. His tireless efforts show with production of new Bylaws for ICANN as well as new ccNSO bylaws, and the ongoing work with the RIRs. Reform would not have happened without him. Hans was a great source of wisdom, an able negotiator, a firm defender standing on principles. His dedication to making ICANN work was endless - he believed in it, and his work and dedication reflected this. Following reform, he worked to improve the Board and staff processes, by Chairing the Governance Committee. His tireless dedication for ICANN took many dimensions, a difficult mission in the face of big companies, special interests, clueless organizations and foes. Those who disagreed with him still admired his intelligence and iron will, even if they failed to appreciate the commitment and the reason that assisted him, as well as the joy with which he embarked on this journey. He had a wicked sense of humour, given away only by the sparkle in his eye. He loved fine wine, food and good company. He treated his colleagues at ICANN, and the staff, with respect and equality – viewing himself as a team member, who happened to also sit on the Board, not to mention be incredibly active and respected in other international fora. His untimely and sudden death is a great loss to the Internet community, and to ICANN. He was deprived of the opportunity to see the fruits of the hard work to which he still looked forward to commit renewed efforts. We will seek to fulfill his hopes and expectations for ICANN. The Board, management and staff of ICANN send our deepest condolences to his partner, family and friends. Our dear friend and colleague Hans will be deeply missed by all who knew him during his all too short lifetime. Vale Hans, our dear friend and colleague, vale."[4]

Education and Career

Hans graduated from Delft University in 1966. He worked for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. He was also a member of the management team of the Telecommunications and Posts Directorate in the initial phase of the Dutch Telecommunications Regulator. Hans was member of the Executive Board of the European Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO) association, based in Brussels. He also served as Manager of European Policy and Regulation of the Netherlands-based Royal KPN N.V., where he was responsible for European and international regulatory strategic affairs.[2]

Hans served as Chairman of SIDN's Executive Board from June 2001 until his death in November 2003. According to SIDN, "He was the driving force behind the 'opening' of the .nl domain: under his guidance, new rules were introduced on 29 January 2003, making it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to apply for a .nl domain name."[1]




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