Henrique Faulhaber

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Country: Brazil
Email: henrique.faulhaber [at] calandra.com.br
LinkedIn: link=henrique-faulhaber   [henrique-faulhaber Henrique Faulhaber]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @hfaulhaber

Henrique Faulhaber is the Marketing Director of Calandra Solutions, a Brazilian IT company which specializes in Information Management and Corporate Intelligence. [1]

Henrique has participated in the ICANN Paris [2] and ICANN Mexico City. He was also a speaker at the World Summit on the Information Society.[3]

Henrique has written several articles and columns for Brazilian newspapers. He regularly makes presentations at seminars, conferences, and trade shows.

Board Memberships

He is a Board Member of the Administrative Board of NIC.br.[4]

Henrique Faulhaber is on the board of Riosoft, a non-profit agency which is responsible for the development of IT companies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Henrique Faulhaber also serves as the Director of the Association of Information Technology Companies of Rio de Janeiro.

Henrique Faulhaber has been a board member of CGI.br since 2004, and is coordinator of two task forces of the Brazilian Internet Steering Comittee: The Antispam Working Group, and The Digital Content Initiative Working Group.