How to Create a Public Profile

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ICANNWiki is an encyclopedia of wiki articles written about the people, companies, and other items that are or were related to ICANN, the Domain industry, and Internet governance. This article is specifically about creating people articles.


  1. Easily Create an article about yourself by using the following information, also see: People Template
    1. A portrait picture and/or caricature. Download the maximum resolution image. If you cannot find either a portrait or a caricature, use the placeholder images: PortraitComing.jpg and CaricatureComing.jpg.
    2. One biographical paragraph.
    3. Find at least one contact point (Twitter, FB, e-mail, etc.).
    4. Verify that you are still actively involved in the world of ICANN or the IT community (Via LinkedIn,, etc).
  2. Use the following Profile pages and other information out on the web to further develop your page:
    1. Twitter (use your @___ handle)
    2. Facebook (URL for your public Facebook page)
    3. LinkedIn (URL for your person's public LinkedIn page)
    4. Provide your e-mail address. When entering an e-mail address, replace the "@" with "_[at]_". This is to thwart e-mail spammers.
    5. Personal website or blog, etc. (other than their main company website)
    6. Your current country of residence

Keep in mind

  • When uploading images, make sure they have your name as in "JohnDoePortrait.JPG" or "JohnDoeCaricature.JPG". If you just upload "Portrait.JPG", there is the chance that we will be overwriting each other soon. Other image file types such as .PNG are fine.
    • The placeholder images for missing portraits and missing caricatures are PortraitComing.jpg and CaricatureComing.jpg.
  • Write your own content based on your research, which should be cited. Do not copy and paste.