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ICANNWiki is a capacity building organization, that seeks to provide the most reliable, accessible, and comprehensive resource on the topics of ICANN and Internet governance (IG). We do this by providing an open platform that uses a bottom-up, multistakeholder model to crowdsource the content creation through the efforts of a global network of volunteers that work together to keep the content on ICANNWiki up-to-date, relevant and accurate. We provide this content in 7 languages, although several of these languages are in the development stage.

In addition to providing the "Online Encyclopedia of ICANN," we also carry out numerous capacity building initiatives around the world, including 1-2 day Internet governance workshops, webinars, as well as providing resources and hosting event of global IG conference, including ICANN, IGF, SSIG and more.

Our work would be impossible without the help of our amazing community of volunteers. If you are interested in joining this community and helping to promote Internet governance knowledge worldwide, there are a number of ways you can do so.

Become an ICANNWiki Contributor

ICANNWiki is much more than an informative resource on Internet governance, but the information of our website is our foundation and the other capacity building endeavors are built on this foundation. There is always a need for more contributors to continue building and improving our foundation of information. There are a few ways that you can help build and improve the resource.

Contribute Content

The field of Internet governance is constantly changing and evolving. New working groups and policy making processes are launched or completed frequently, there are numerous different IG conferences happening all the time, and new participants are joining the conversations every day. Whether you are directly involved, observing or learning about any aspect of ICANN or Internet governance, your help in creating and contributing content is a huge benefit to this project.

Read more about contributing content to ICANNWiki here.

Review and Edit Content

We have 7,510 articles on ICANNWiki on the issues, topics, people, organizations, and conferences related to Internet governance. In order to provide a great resource, we need to keep our existing content up-to-date and relevant in addition to creating new content. All of our articles are open for anyone to edit. Even if you did not create an article, you are always welcome to improve the article by editing it or adding to it. This is a very important task, especially when things like the IANA Transition occur and drastically change the dynamics of ICANN.

Read more about reviewing and editing content on ICANNWiki here.

Translate ICANNWiki

ICANNWiki is a great resource, but most of it is only available in English. We firmly believe that anyone should be able to understand and take part in discussions about how the Internet is governed. That is why we have recently launched a number of initiatives to translate and localize content in as many languages as possible. We currently have content in:

We are always looking for more translators to help us fulfill our mission of making ICANN and Internet governance knowledge more inclusive. If you don't see your language listed, please reach out to us. We would be thrilled to discuss the possibility of adding more languages.

Read more about Translating content on ICANNWiki here here.

Become an ICANNWiki Ambassador

If you want to take your work with ICANNWiki to the next level, consider becoming an ICANNWiki Ambassador. Being an ambassador is more than just contributing and/or translating content. It means being a leader in the ICANNWiki community and spreading our mission to others in your locality. Our current ambassadors have coordinated groups of volunteers, led regional capacity building workshop and Edit-a-thons, helped faciliate ICANNWiki webinars, assisted us in the ICANNWiki booth and represented ICANNWiki at different regional conferences that we weren't able to attend.