How to create a great article

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Getting Started

Collect Information

Our aim is to create an informative article for each company, person, or glossary term, with references that explain where we got the information. As you might expect, an Internet search via Google or another search engine is generally the most effective way to research and find information.

While any content on the site can be user submitted, we strive to cite any claims with a valid internet-based reference, otherwise we note that a certain piece of information is entirely user submitted.

Be sure to be creative with how you search, and refine your searches with specific keywords, such as searching "John Doe 2011", "John Doe Example Company, Inc.", or "John Doe ICANN".


The templates are important to standardize the article and offer quick access to information. Fill them out as completely as possible. A good way to start the article itself is to expand upon the information covered in the templates.


Regardless of the type of article it should begin with a quick highlight of the important information. For a person, their position and other career highlights or important roles related to ICANN. For a glossary term a quick definition would be appropriate. Companies can begin with when and who founded them and what they are best known for today.

Supporting Sections

It is important to reflect what you find through your research within the article. This will mean creating special sections and further clarifying the most relevant information. For those topics that have a wealth of information regarding them on the Internet, it may help to selectively focus on industry related and ICANN specific information. For those subjects that are not widely referenced elsewhere it would be best to summarize all available info. Some popular sections include:

  • Companies
    • History
    • Founders
    • Products & Services
    • Controversies
    • Awards
    • ICANN Participation
    • Acquisitions
    • Affiliations
    • External Links
  • People
    • Background
    • Career History
    • Education
    • Industry Participation
    • Work with ICANN
    • Presentations
    • Publications
    • External Links
    • Awards
    • Personal

Ending the article

All articles must include a section for references and must be categorized. The end of an article may look like this:


Important categories include: People, Companies, Organizations, ICANN Bodies, ICANN Staff, Registries, Registrars. See the full list here. Please note that country categories are added automatically when you fill out the country field in the template, and thus do not need to be added manually.