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Industry: Web Presence & Domain Services
Founded: 2010
Ownership: Privately held
Headquarters: Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 10
34131 Kassel
Country: Germany
Products: YVD,
Website: IAN Media
LinkedIn: IAN Media on Linkedin

IAN Media was founded in 2010 as a digital media company operating in the field of online marketing and domain services. IAN Media is comprised of three businesses: YVD, which provides online presence solutions as domain registrar; AGK.net, a marketplace for media application buyers and sellers; and IAN Media, a digital marketing agency running campaigns for advertisers.[1][2] Through participation in leading industry forums, IAN Media seeks to promote e-Commerce and wide technology adoption with a focus on international domains and emerging markets especially in Africa and Europe.


Key events in the history of IAN Media include:[3]

  • 2010 - The company IAN Media is incorporated in Germany with a branch office in Nairobi, Kenya. It became accredited as registrar for .UG.
  • 2011 - It became accredited as registrar for (.KE). A domain aftermarket offering broker services on www.ianmedia.net (later AGK.net)
  • 2012 - Accreditation by Google Adwords as well as Microsoft Bing Ads
  • 2013 - Relaunch of YVD registrar as a new desktop application focused on international domains.
  • 2014 - IAN Media was accredited by UNIFORUM SA (.ZA) and Council of Country Code Administrators. It became accredited by CentralNIC to offer SLD domains e.g. .de.com, .za.com etc.