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Thank you for your interest in ICANNWiki. ICANNWiki is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Internet community's collaborative development of wiki articles on ICANN and Internet Governance-related topics. The wiki provides neutral, third-party information for ICANN meeting attendees and Internet citizens at large. It is an open platform governed by wiki values, such as Neutral Point of View, transparency, assuming good faith, and building together. The project is independent of ICANN.

Here's a quick intro to the project:

Our work focuses on three main areas:

  1. ICANN Meetings (booth presence, Newcomer Day presentations, Edit-a-thon and Edit-a-thon Reception Dinner)
  2. Content Creation (this site, infographics and more)
  3. Community and Capacity Building (Regional Translation Initiatives, ICANNWiki giveaways and Edit-a-thons)

To famliarize yourself more intimately with the project, we suggest you read the ICANNWiki article on this site.

Since you'll be volunteering with ICANNWiki during a conference, this page is here to make things a little easier for you on your journey. Let's focus on what ICANNWiki does at each conference.

Booth Presence

ICANN has graciously provided a booth for ICANNWiki, and this space is usually located within close proximity to the ICANN Information booth. Each conference, ICANN chooses two volunteers to maintain their booth space. We will introduce you to these volunteers as they can be useful in your orientation within the ICANN space.

Time in the ICANNWiki booth can be fun and sometimes fast-paced. Our booth is a highly-trafficked one, and an outgoing and knowledgable presence is needed.

Here are a few things you'll do when in the booth:

  1. Have fun! The booth is a great place to meet new people, learn, and grow. Having a light-hearted disposition will help and make it easier to connect with ICANN attendees. (You never know, this may be your new community!)
  2. Answer general conference questions when applicable. If you don't know an answer, feel free to reach out to Dustin, Jackie or the ICANN Information Booth.
  3. Pointing people to our giveaways including the ICANNWiki Quick Guide, an informative magazine that breaks down relevant topics for the conference (You will receive a digital copy of this prior to the conference). We also prepare fun playing card decks that people collect. Each deck features our caricatures of community members, and in a way honors the work they do.
  4. Printing conference badges for attendees. Like our other giveaways, the badges are a beloved item for conference goers and we believe they deepen a sense of community and cohesion. Attendees will often stop by to get a badge and become a part of the wiki.
  5. Assist attendees with the intake process. At every ICANN conference we aim to improve and add content to the website. We do this because the site is a community resource that should consistently grow. With this in mind we aim to improve or grow pages on the people within the ICANN space. This means we help them build an article on themselves and take a quick photo in order to create a fun caricature.

What you can expect from us

We want your experience with ICANNWiki to be beneficial to you and a great use of your time. Here are a few things you can expect from us:

  1. An introduction to the ICANN and Internet governance communities.
  2. Certification upon completion of volunteership.
  3. Letter of recommendation (if/when needed for future, and contingent on completion of volunteership).
  4. Invitation to ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon Reception Dinner.