ICANN Community Anti-Harassment Policy

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The ICANN Community Anti-Harassment Policy is a policy adopted and finalized by ICANN at the ICANN58 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The document was crafted to promote a "spirit of mutual respect...within the ICANN community."[1]

The policy covers three main requirements for those participating in any ICANN conference or ICANN-related activities. They are as follows:

  1. Behave in a professional manner, demonstrate appropriate behavior and treat all members of the ICANN community in a respectful, dignified, decent manner at all times, including in face-to-face and on-line communications, irrespective of Specified Characteristics so that individuals of all backgrounds and cultures are made to feel welcome.
  2. Refrain from harassment of any type.
  3. Refrain from retaliation.

Those who have experienced harassment are encouraged to either a) resolve the issue one on one with the offending party in an informal manner, or b) promptly report to ICANN's ombudsman. The ombudsman will then undertake an investigation which will include a clarification of the facts of the event, an outreach to the offending party, and communication with any witnesses to the event. If the offending party in question is found to have acted inappropriately, they will be asked to refrain from participating in any ICANN activities for a duration of time.

Details of the event included claimant and oppositional party's details will remain confidential.