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Renamed to The GDS Summit in 2022, the Global Domains Division Industry Summit or GDD Industry Summit is typically a three-day event intended to provide ICANN's contracted parties, resellers, and new gTLD applicants an intimate venue in which to discuss industry trends and operational issues, as well as network and address challenges. It is separate from ICANN's regular annual conferences.[1][2]

Its agenda was developed jointly by the Registries Stakeholder Group and Registrar Stakeholder Group to promote solutions-oriented conversations centered around operational issues and those that may affect the overall DNS ecosystem in the long-term, rather than policy discussions. The Summit's intimate setting also allows attendees to interface with ICANN Staff more directly and schedule one-on-one meetings.[1]

The GDD Industry Summit had its inaugural session in Santa Monica, CA, from September 9th to 11th, 2015. Remote participation was also possible.[1]

Global Domains Division (GDD)

ICANN's Global Domains Division (GDD) oversees generic domain operations, domain name industry engagement and Web services, with the goal of having all of these pieces coming together under one umbrella in order to improve efficiencies and to serve both registries and applicants better.[3]


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