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ICANN's President is the Chief Executive Officer of ICANN Organization. The person holding this position is responsible for the operation and daily management of the organization. The President executes the strategic decisions of the ICANN Board and holds an ex officio seat on the Board.

Establishment & Mandate

The office of the President derives its existence and authority from Article 15.4 of the ICANN Bylaws:[1]

The President shall be ICANN's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in charge of all of its activities and business. All other officers and staff shall report to the President or his or her delegate unless stated otherwise in these Bylaws. The President shall serve as an ex officio Director and shall have all the same rights and privileges as any Director. The President shall be empowered to call special meetings of the Board as set forth herein, and shall discharge all other duties as may be required by these Bylaws and from time to time may be assigned by the Board.[1]

Article 15.8 authorizes the President to reimburse personal expenses of other ICANN Officers incurred in the conduct of ICANN-related work or activities.[1]

Term of Office and Review

Office of the CEO

The office of the CEO is a key part of ICANN Organization. Its leadership roles include:

  • President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Sally Costerton
  • Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Senior Manager, Office of the CEO


The President's term is determined by the Executive Services Agreement between the President and ICANN.[2] The Board Governance Guidelines specify that the President's performance should be reviewed by the Compensation Committee on an annual basis (at a minimum).[3] The Guidelines also articulate the need for succession planning and development of professional candidates for the presidency and other senior executive roles.[3]

Office Holders

Current President

Sally Costerton is the interim President & CEO of ICANN.[4]

Former Presidents