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IGF 2016
Guadalajara, Mexico

ICANNWiki was founded in 2005 as a resource on ICANN.

Since then, it has grown into a trusted and loved resource within the ICANN community. We attend nearly every ICANN meeting, where we build capacity, community and information. We do this through a fun and engaging presence that helps people learn, participate and be part of the community.

Outside of ICANN conferences, ICANNWiki provides one of the best resources available on ICANN, including articles on the people, companies, communities and policies within ICANN. Our perpetual state of building ensures that we stay up-to-date with information that is relevant to the community’s needs.

Over the past year, we have expanded into Chinese, Spanish and Swahili content in an effort to localise our content for communities that need a resource on ICANN and Internet governance in their local language.

Why Are We At IGF?

Internet governance (IG) and ICANN will continue becoming increasingly relevant as the Internet expands deeper and wider.

As this reality leads to more people getting involved in IG, it is essential that there is a solid understanding of the IG ecosystem. Understanding the various bodies in isolation is not enough. It is important to understand the connective tissue and how they interact and affect each other.

We are seeking to improve our presence in communities outside of ICANN to ensure that those outside of ICANN’s inner circles understand what it does and what it does not do. Additionally, it is important that the ICANN community understand what is happening in the other areas of IG.

The best results will be reached when well-intentioned people are well-informed. We are working hard to maintain a well-informed IG ecosystem that will continue to yield positive results for the world.

How Can You Help?

ICANNWiki is built by the community. We have created and maintained over 6,000 articles relevant to ICANN and Internet Governance and we are continuing to build and improve this resource. We can’t do it by ourselves. ICANNWiki is only as good as its community of contributors and you can help make it better!

We welcome contributors of every experience level, so whether you are a newcomer or a veteran we would love to see your knowledge applied to improving this resource for the entire community. You can create articles on anything that you know or care about, as long as it is relevant to the governance of the Internet. We especially need volunteers to help us continue to build our content in languages other than English.

Join ICANNWiki and Dominios Latinoamerica for our Edit-a-thon!
This community event encourages participants to actively contribute their knowledge on the various happenings within the IGF and Internet governance at large. We will hold a small, informal session in our booth where we’ll introduce the site, its values and how to get started on adding what you know!

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9 11:30 - 13:00 @ ICANNWiki BOOTH

Our IGF Workshops

These workshops are co-organized with CCAT LAT, AMIPCI, and the Argentina Chapter of Internet Society.

Multicultural & Multistakeholder Capacity Building

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8 // 15:00 - 16:30
The purpose of this workshop is to exchange ideas about the experiences, outcomes and effectiveness of these debate spaces and capacity building initiatives, as well as whether they promote inclusive and sustainable growth. The initiatives will be reviewed to see if they accurately reflect the multistakeholder model and its implicit requirements, namely multiculturalism and multilingualism.

How to Create Relevant Internet Governance Content

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 // 9:00 - 10:30
WSIS+10 Outcome Document recognizes that there is a digital divide among developed and developing countries, and a primary dimension of this divide is content accessibility. It also recognizes that the approach to close the digital divide must be multidimensional and should understand quality of access, language and localized content.The creation of high quality, multilingual Internet Governance content is one way to move beyond “information societies” to “knowledge societies.” Internet Governance content can help developing countries and the Internet community at large to understand the complexity of Internet services, and how to address the challenges of regulations, cybersecurity and other technological developments that directly impact their everyday lives.

ICANNWiki Infographics

This issue's infographics focused on worldwide social network trends. See additional infographics here.