Increasing Multi-Lingual Capability

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Languages we'd like to have

  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Hindi


  • Encouraging personal pages to include language capabilities, so ICANN community members know where to find linguistic support
    • Add this feature to the Create a Person Page form and use hypertext to follow desired pages for particular languages with link counts. This would count the number of people able to help and enable easy follow-up to move the project forward.
  • Contacting universities to hold translate- and edit-a-thons
  • Add a "Languages" section to Person pages
  • Translate minimum materials such as “What is ICANN wiki” and “How you can edit it” in case there are volunteers who can support; or holding an additional Edit-a-thon of a local language when the ICANN meeting is held at the region or the country.
  • Integrate a translation service like Google translate into the wiki as an add on feature. [1]
    • Possible issues with technical jargon in some languages
  • Google Translate Tool

I'm interested in helping with this project