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Info Search Media.JPG
Type: Public held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2000
Founder(s): Steve Lazuka
Headquarters: 6041 Bristol Parkway 1st Floor
Culver City, CA 90230
Country: USA
Products: ContentLogic & Web Properties
Employees: 51-200
Website: InfoSearch Media
LinkedIn: infoSearch Media
Key People
George Lichter, CEO

Scott Brogi, CFO
Edan Portaro, VP of Sales

InfoSearch Media is a search-targeted text and video content provider on the web.[1] It maintains a network of professional writers dedicated to helping business owners to increase their search engine rankings and revenue using content-based solutions.

InfoSearch Media operates ArticleInsider and Popdex websites, which maintain a collection of articles about general business topics that the the company uses to distribute traffic to advertisers.


Steve Lazuka founded InfoSearch Media in 2000 at TrafficLogic, Inc., an online advertising firm. In 2004, during a search engine strategies conference in San Jose, CA, Lazuka announced the creation of InfoSearch Media, the new corporate identity of TrafficLogic Inc. In addition to TrafficLogic, InfoSearch Media manages an additional three professional services firms: ContentLogic, TopicLogic, and ConversionLogic.[2]

Merger and Partnership

On December 2004, Traffic Logic Inc. (InfoSearch Media) merged with MAC Worldwide, Inc. and started operating as a public company.[3]

In 2006, InfoSearch Media, Inc. purchased Answerbag, Inc., a consumer information website. InfoSearch Media eventually sold Answerbag when the company entered into a multi-year content partnership with Demand Media, a next generation media company. Based on the agreement, Demand Media purchased $2 million worth of InfoSearch Media's ContentLogic products and services over the next two years and acquired all the assets of Demand Media also received warrants to purchase 5 million shares of InfoSearch Media's common stock and obtained the right to appoint one member to the Board of Directors. In exchange, InfoSearch Media received $3 million cash warrants to purchase 125,000 shares of Demand Media Series C Preferred Stocks.[4]

The company also signed a partnership with Linkworth to improve the search engine marketing strategies of both companies. The agreement stated that Linkworth would provide text link advertising services to InfoSearch Media customers and content development for its own customers. InfoSearch Media would act as reseller to their respective products.[5]

Target Markets

The target markets for the company are Paid Listings Customers, Small to Medium Businesses, Niche Business Sectors, Large Scale Content Opportunities, and Publisher and Editorial Content Opportunities. The company's international Internet markets are in the United States, Japan, Germany, Korea, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.[6]