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Country: USA
Email: jackie.yau[at]bigideas.com
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Jacqueline Yau

Jacqueline Yau is the Managing Director of MoCo's West Coast office, based in San Francisco, California. She leads the opening of that office in 2010, which joins the offices in Minneapolis, USA, and Hong Kong, China. Among other things, Jacqueline has been heavily involved in establishing a partnership between MoCo and Architelos;[1] more generally, she has been using her experience and position to create more interest for branding possibilities within the domaining industry.[2]

Prior Experience

Jacqueline previously has worked for Real Names Corporation, which was a global infrastructure company that optimized and managed keywords. Her work there, from 1999-2002, first brought her around the domain industry. She was responsible for evangelizing and marketing, and worked with clients such as Newline Cinema, Disney, and HP; they eventually partnered with Verisign to offer keyword services to its clients.[3] The launch of those services was the most successful product launch within Verisign Registry Services at that time.[4]

Writing & Other Work

Ms. Yau is interested in travel writing, and she has already successfully submitted 4 stories to various anthologies and travel magazines.[5] Her story "King Kong in Shanghai" can be found in the Traveler's Tales collection, Heyena's Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why.[6]

Jacqueline is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives with the Parent's Choice Foundation; a non-profit she has been helping since 2008.[7]

She is also the founder and sole proprietor of ZiZo Consulting.[8]