James Gannon

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Affiliation: GNSO
Region: Europe
Country: Ireland
Email: james [at] cyberinvasion.net

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LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [www.linkedin.com/jaygannon James Gannon]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @cyberinvasion

James Gannon is Strategic Advisor on Emerging Technology Governance for Novartis AG, a global healthcare and pharmaceutical company. Involved in ICANN for a number of years focused on security and governance activities, he has served on the Customer Standing Committee, the second Security, Stability, and Resilience Review Team and as a member of the GNSO Council.

He was highly involved in the IANA transition in both the CWG and CCWG workstreams.

He is currently a member of the PTI Board of Directors, appointed for a 3-year term by the 2020 Nominating Committee, additionally he was elected as Chair of PTI's Board Audit Committee in March 2021.

His background includes time as a Chief Information Security Officer for a Digital Health firm in Washington, D.C. and a Security Consultant in Washington, D.C. and Basel, Switzerland.

Coming from an engineering background, he quickly found his calling working to secure companies operating in the medical and biotech spaces. He has worked extensively with startups based in the US to build security and privacy programs from the ground up. He has extensive background working with regulators including the FDA, IMB, and various European medical authorities to bring security to the processes and devices that are used to save lives and help prevent suffering across the world.

Gannon serves on the advisory board to the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), specializing in the areas of medical device security and industrial control systems and high-end manufacturing systems security.

Recently, he has been heavily involved in Internet Governance with a focus on Privacy and Security at ICANN as a member of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC).

His first face-to-face meeting was the CWG and CCWG meetings in Istanbul and his first ICANN meeting was ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires.