Jaqueline Pigatto

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Organization: UNESP
Affiliation: NextGen@ICANN
Stakeholder Group(s): Academia
Civil Society/Non-Governmental
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Country: Brazil
Email: jaquetpigatto@gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.png   [Jaqueline Trevisan Pigatto Jaqueline Pigatto]

Jaqueline Pigatto is an International Relations master's student at PPGRI San Tiago Dantas (UNESP - UNICAMP - PUC/SP), Brazil. Nextgen@ICANN at ICANN62. Researches about the role of transnational corporations in the global Internet governance. B.A. degree in International Relations (UNESP).

Career History

B.A. degree in International Relations (UNESP). Scientific Initiation research financed by FAPESP about Brazil's role in Internet governance (2015-2017).

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Nextgen at ICANN62 (2018).

Alumni of the Internet Governance School - CGI.br (2016).




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