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Jason Polis - Portrait-2013.jpg
Jason Polis - Caricature-2013.jpg
Country: UK
Email: jason[at]super.name
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Jason Polis

Jason Polis is the Managing Director of Super.name, a company focused the IDN .英国, which is "England" in Chinese. He has held the position since the company was founded in 1997.[1]

Career History

Polis first thought to found Super.name and become involved with IDNs in 1990, when he decided he wanted to have an email account in Greek letters. He read RFCs and manuals and learned about various protocols until he was able to change a codebase to get a Greek email working for himself. By 1996, Polis still hadn't been done and wrote a patent for internationalized protocols. He sought funding and is continuing to do so in 2013. In the meantime, he has held employment with banks such as JP Morgan, developing banking and information standards via programs like Swift, ISO 20000, and the like.[2]


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