Jeffrey J. Douglas

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Country: USA
Email: jjdxxx1 [at]
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Jeffrey J. Douglas is a Santa Monica-based criminal defense lawyer, representing all segments of the adult entertainment industry since 1982. Douglas is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Free Speech Coalition, the trade association of the adult entertainment industry, and Chairman Emeritus of the First Amendment Lawyers Association. He is also a Director of the Board of the ACLU Foundation of Southern California. A nationally recognized spokesperson for the adult entertainment industry, as well as an expert witness, Mr. Douglas appears regularly as a media commentator, and on invitation has testified before Congress. Douglas is the author of numerous articles on free speech issues. He is the owner of Jeffrey J. Douglas law office.[1]

He is a member of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, California Public Defenders Association and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


  • Douglas received a J.D. from the University of California School of Law at Los Angeles in 1982.
  • In 1978 he completed his Bachelors in Arts in Rhetoric from the University of California Berkeley.[2]