Jenny Thornton

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Organization: Internet Watch Foundation
Region: Europe
Country: United Kingdom
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Jenny Thornton

Jenny Thornton works for the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF); an independent and charitable organisation that removes imagery from the internet that shows children being sexually abused. This is an ever-evolving and widespread crime. The IWF's vision is to eliminate child sexual abuse imagery online. Jenny is the manager of an international programme supporting developing countries to set up online reporting infrastructure for online child sexual abuse, sponsored by the Fund to End Violence against Children. To address the global nature of online crimes against children, this role involves significant collaboration with the internet industry worldwide and prominent global bodies including Interpol and all organs, offices and funds of the United Nations. Jenny has a Masters with Distinction from the University of Cambridge in International Relations, and an undergraduate degree in Geography & Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews. With 8 years of project management experience, Jenny's role at the IWF builds on her professional skills, political aptitude, and her determination to stand up for children's rights.