Jianne Soriano

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Affiliation: ALAC
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
End User
Country: Hong Kong
Email: jianne.soriano@netmission.asia

LinkIcon.png   https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/soriano-jianne

LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [www.linkedin.com/in/jianne-soriano229 Jianne Soriano]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @imjiannems


Jianne Soriano is a NetMission.Asia Ambassador 6.0, an Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum Multi-stake holder steering group (APrIGF MSG) member, Youth IGF Asia Pacific organizer and an IGF MAG member for 2018. She is graduated International Journalism from Hong Kong Baptist University.


Jianne is working as a content writer for a travel agency based in Tokyo. She previously worked as a freelance writer for online magazines that focus on lifestyle, travel, art and design, and social participation. Previously, she worked as an editorial intern for HK Magazine that was under South China Morning Post and Time Out Hong Kong. She is a student volunteer for KELY Support Group, an NGO that supports youth in Hong Kong and directed and produced a documentary called Own Voices: Breaking Stereotypes. She also worked as an editorial and research assistant at the Asian Human Rights Commission. Currently, she is working as a freelance videographer and photographer.

ICANN Involvement

Her first ICANN meeting is ICANN57 in Hyderabad India in 2016 as one of the NetMission Ambassadors. In collaboration with APAC Hub, she moderated the Model ICANN Meeting with local university students. The discussion focused on the Community Priority Evaluation.

Involvement in Internet Governance

Jianne Soriano had participated in Internet Governance discussions since 2013 when she was just 18 years old. After producing a research essay on the relationship of Cyberbullying to Suicide Rates and winning the iCity NetY Ambassador's Programme which is supported by DotAsia Organization, she was the leader of the team of first non-Chinese students to represent the Hong Kong youth in the United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2013 in Bali, Indonesia as a NetY Ambassador. She paneled for several workshops including Privacy and Security and Child Protection and Child Rights. In 2015, she was the organizer of the Youth Internet Governance Forum in Macao and also a speaker for Youth Participation in Internet Governance workshop. In 2016, when the HKYIGF was initiated, she was also one of the core organizers as well as one of the group leaders.

Because of her experience in Internet Governance discussions, she was the organizer for the Youth Internet Governance Forum 2016 in Taipei and 2017 in Bangkok, making her an organizer for three consecutive years. During the APrIGF in Bangkok, she gave the opening remarks as the YIGF organizer. She was also a panelist for two workshops including Internet Policy Impact on Wildlife Environment and Wildlife Friendly Practices and Youth Engagement in Internet Governance in Asia She is the first youth and youngest member of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum Multi-stakeholder Steering Group (APrIGF MSG).

Besides, she has also promoted the importance of ICT to primary schools and continuously shared her experiences in internet Governance in various events including being featured in newspapers, RoadShow and a radio program.

In 2016, she has been chosen as one of the fellows for Youth@IGF which is organized by ISOC to attend the IGF2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico and the only one selected from Hong Kong. That same year, she officially became a NetMission Ambassador 6.0.

She attended the first Vietnam Internet Forum held in Hanoi and was part of the "Next Generation" panel discussion.

In IGF 2017, she facilitated the workshop on "How Does Social Media Shape Our Minds?" and was a speaker for several workshops including "Internet Governance Grassroots," "Youth in Internet Governance" and "Synthesis Document: An Experience From APrIGF." Besides, she was the youth representative to deliver the closing remarks.


She just finished her undergraduate studies at Hong Kong Baptist University studying International Journalism. Previously, she studied Associate of Arts in English Communication in the City University of Hong Kong.