Jim Mercer

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Country: Canada
Email: jim [at] reptiles.org

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Jim Mercer describes himself as a Internet Plumber and Recycler.[1]

Mr. Mercer served as a Board Member of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority during 2005 and 2006.[2] [3] He also served as the Board Member at Toronto Internet Exchange.

Jim Mercer participates in the North American Network Operators' Group.

Career History

  • Resident Geek Emeritus at Progressive Research and Development
  • Director of Technology at SAB Communications
  • Director of Networking Technologies and Services at Agnicorp Inc. / TELoIP Inc.
  • Partner at CSAS
  • Systems and Communications Analyst at the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Programmer/Network Admin at Avco Finance
  • Programmer at CMP Services (Sole Proprietorship)