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Affiliation: REDI
Country: USA
Email: jinraj [at] alum.mit.edu
Facebook: link=jinraj   [jinraj Jinraj Joshipura]
LinkedIn: link=jinraj-joshipura   [jinraj-joshipura Jinraj Joshipura]

Jinraj Joshipura currently works as a Visiting Professor of Renewable Energy at Polytechnic University. He is also a multi-disciplinary Consultant, consulting specifically for the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co (PRIDCO).[1]

Jinraj's main interest is sustainable energy. He is the official representative of One Planet, a global initiative in Puerto Rico that encourages sustainable living. He presented "Sustainable Energy: Issues, Limitations, Policy and Approaches to achieve it" at the 1st Industry-Academia Symposium on Sustainable Energy.[2] [3] Jinraj is also the Founding Member of the International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH).[4]

Jinraj received his education from MIT and the School of Architecture at CEPT University.[5] His wife, Kaumudi Joshipura, has also graduated from MIT and currently works at the Harvard School of Public Health.[6]

Career History

  • Senior Consultant Program Manager/Controller (Director Level) at EMC
  • Consultant at IBM corporation
  • Guest Researcher, Dept. of Electrical Engineering at University of Tokyo, Japan.[7]


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