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Country: USA
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John Charles Dvorak is a Columnist, Editor and Author. His main areas of work and writing are technology and computing. Mr. Dvorak is the Vice President of Mevio, and is well known for his work with Tech TV. He is also the Voice of the Podcast "No Agenda".[1] He appears on Marketwatch TV and is a regular panelist on This Week in Tech, a podcast audio and now video program hosted by Leo Laporte and featuring other former TechTV personalities such as Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and Robert Heron.[2] He is also a columnist for PC Magazine.[3]


Mr.Dvorak started his career as a wine writer. He has written for several publications, which include: InfoWorld, PC Magazine,[4] MarketWatch,[5], BUG Magazine, and Info Exame. Aside from this, he has worked as a columnist for magazines like Forbes, MacUser, MicroTimes, PC/Computing, Barron's Magazine, Smart Business, and Vancouver Sun. He has also worked wit newspapers like The New York Times, Los Angeles Tmes, MacMania Networks, International Herald Tribune, San Francisco Examiner and The Philadelphia Inquirer. He has written over 4,000 articles and his work is licensed throughout the world.[6]

He started a show called CrankyGeeks in 2006. The last episode of the show was aired in September 2010.[7]


He is the author and co-author of 14 books,[8] including:

  • Hypergrowth: The Rise and Fall of the Osborne Computer Corporation
  • Dvorak's Guide to Desktop Telecommunications (1990)
  • Dvorak's Guide to PC Telecommunications (1992)
  • Dvorak's Guide to OS/2 (1993)
  • Dvorak Predicts (1994)
  • Prentice Hall PTR (2003) with co-authors Wendy Taylor and Chris Pirillo[9]

Awards and Recognition

  • The Computer Press Association has presented Dvorak with the Best Columnist and Best Column awards.
  • In 2004 and then in 2005 he was the award winner of the American Business Editors Association's National Gold Award for the best online columns.
  • He was the creator and lead judge of the Dvorak Awards (1992–1997).
  • In 2001, he was awarded the Telluride Tech Festival Award of Technology.
  • Since early 2011, John has been one of the featured "CoolHotNot Tech Xperts"

Meetings and Conferences

Mr. Dvorak has been a popular and active speaker at tradeshows, conferences and meetings since 1982. Tradeshows clients include the following:

  • '85 NCC;
  • '91 West Coast Computer Faire
  • '93 Softworld - Vancouver, B.C.
  • '94 1BBSCon; '95 2BBSCon. Germany
  • '95 ComputerFest, Toronto

He has also given speeches at organizations likes Borland International; Apple Computer, IBM Sales/Marketing; IBM Technical Symposium; Compaq; AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants); Illinois CPA Association; General Electric/NBC; The Progressive Corporation; Nynex; Top Speed Corporation; Novell: CUE (Comten Users' Exchange, Inc.) for Bell Atlantic; INLY (Canada); Acer (Taipei); Fenasoft (Brazil); Clarion Software; Samsung (Korea); Ziff Davis Publishing; OS/2 Professional; NEC; Merisel (Canada); Ameritech; and M Technology, among others.[10]


He graduated from the University of California with a major in History and a minor in Chemistry.

Personal Life

Mr. Dvorak is married to Mimi Smith-Dvorak and has homes in the San Francisco Bay area and Port Angeles in Washington. He is a collector of Bordeaux Wines and has also served as a tasting judge at many international events.

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