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Country: USA
Email: joclarke [at]
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John L Clarke III is the CyberSecurity IT Specialist within the US Government.[1] He is also the Founder and CEO at shibumi operational group, LLC.

He is a Member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST).[2]

He is also a Member of the NRIC VI Physical Security Focus Group,[3] and of the Focus Group 1A of the Homeland Security Physical Security of NRIC. [4]

Mr.Clarke was a Member of the Study Group of "Hardening the Internet" by the National Infrastructure Advisory Council.[5]

Career History

  • Senior Network Administrator at Central New Mexico Community College
  • Network Administrator Senior at Supreme Court of New Mexico
  • Member of the Techincal Staff - Advisor to DHS NCSD at CERT/CC


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