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Country: Brazil
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José Carlos Della Vedova is a Business Administrator, Producer, Cultural Ecologist and Environmentalist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [1] Since 1978, Vedova has been working to create local events and organizations that promote environmental, economical sustainability and artistic endeavors in Rio.

Vedova is a Founding Member of Agenda 21, an online network of forums dedicated to linking community members and government officials in an effort to promote sustainable development.[2] Agenda 21 serves 15 Brazilian Municipalities, and through participatory planning, strives to meet the unique priorities of each one.

Vedova is also currently the Executive Director of A Conexão (The Connection),[3] a company he founded that provides event creation, planning, organization and production services for cultural, educational, social, environmental and recreational organizaitons.[4] He also works as Associate Coordinator for Rio Cidade Criativa (Rio City Creative), promoting the intentional use of urban spaces where artistic/cultural and public/private industries intermingle with the intention of creating a cultural effervescence that will contribute to a city's economy, sustainability, and quality of life. This group is based on the concepts of Charles Landry.

Career History

Vedova has served as Administrator, Producer, Associate Coordinator and Project Sustainability Manager for Rio City Creative since June of 2010. In December of 2007 he helped to found Agenda 21, a cluster of online forums that promote participatory planning between citizens and government in 15 of Brazil's municipalities.

In 1999 he opened Sitio Dedo de Dues (Finger of God), [5] a facility that hosts overnight events for up to 200 people in the mountains of Rio. He remains Executive Director of Conexão Eventos (Connection Events), an event planning company that he founded in 1978.


"OSCAR Events 2000"

"PREMIO CAIO 2007" - Best Artistic Cultural Event of Brazil


José studied Business Management/Administration at the Universidade Candido Mendes (1979) and Education at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (1987).