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Country: Hong Kong

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Joshep Leung represented AsiaPay at the Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation, HKIRC, in 2003 and was elected as a member of board of directors.[1] He is currently the director of corporate development at AsiaPay.[2] He is a member of the HKIRC Consultative and Advisory Panel (CAP).[3]


Mr. Leung received a Master's Degree of Business Administration from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, Master's degree of Management of Information Technology from Macquarie University, Australia and Master's of Education in Information Technology from the University of Wollongong, Australia.[4]

Career History

Joseph Leung served as the Convener of the Business Development Committee from 2003-04, and as the Deputy Convener of the Constitution Task Force. He has vast experience in information technology and is now serving as a Director of Product and Business Development on electronic payment gateway and mobile payment gateway service.[5]


Joseph is a member of the Industry Training Advisory Committee (Information Technology and Telecommunications) of the Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government. He is also a member of the joint committee of Information Technology in Social Welfare Sector, Social Welfare Department, HKSAR Government. He is a member of Honorary Information Technology Advisor Scheme of the Social Welfare Department, HKSAR Government. He is convention ambassador of the Hong Kong tourism board. His other memberships include:

  • I.T. Strategy Steering Committee of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants.
  • Advisory Committee of Department of Manufacturing Engineering & Engineering Management, Hong Kong.
  • Founding President of the Macquarie University Hong Kong Alumni Association.
  • Founding Chairman of the University of Wollongong Alumni Association Hong Kong.
  • Founding Chairman of the Leicester University Alumni Association Hong Kong.
  • Council Member of Federation of Australian Alumni Association Hong Kong.
  • Committee Member of British Computer Society (HK Chapter).
  • Executive Committee Member of Internet Professionals Association.
  • Vice-Chairman of Web Care Steering Committee and ICAC Club.
  • Audit Committee, Finance & Administration Committee, Dispute Resolution Committee of 2004–05.
  • British Computer Society, Hong Kong Computer Society, Australian Computer Society, New Zealand Computer Society, Singapore Computer Society, New Zealand Computer Society, Canadian Information Processing Society, the Institute for the Management of Management Systems, U.K., the Institute of Analysts and Programmers, and the Association of Computing Machinery, USA.[6]


Joseph attends HKIRC events throughout the year,[7][8][9] and he hosted the 2008 Digital Marketplace - The Winning Edge Seminar, along with Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC.[10]


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