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Julie Hammer.jpg
Organization: SSAC
Affiliation: auDA
Country: Australia

Julie Hammer is a director at auDA and a member of the SSAC.

ICANN Involvement

Hammer joined the Board of Directors of auDA in 2007.[1] Hammer was appointed to the SSAC in 2012, and served as the ALAC liaison to the SSAC from March 2012 to March 2018.[2] In 2015, she described her connections with an involvement in ICANN as follows:[1]

My involvement in ICANN in recent years is multi-faceted. I am on ICANN’s SSAC, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee, but also involved in several of the other interest groups, so I often feel like I have multiple personalities and have a difficult time spreading myself across all the areas of interest. At the latest ICANN Meeting (ICANN 54 in Dublin - Ed.), a great deal of the focus was on developing the enhanced accountability measures that need to accompany the IANA Stewardship Transition from the US Government. I am one of the two SSAC Members of the Cross Community Working Group developing the new accountability framework...

Career History

Hammer's career prior to her involvement with the ICANN community has been described as a "career of firsts."[3] During her time at the Royal Australian Air Force, "Hammer was the first woman to command an operational unit in the RAAF, the Electronic Warfare Squadron...the first woman in the RAAF to become a member of the General List on promotion to Group Captain 1996, and the first serving woman in the history of the Australian Defence Force to be promoted to One Star level, on promotion to Air Commodore in 1999."[4]

Hammer has been the recipient of a number of military service awards, as well as awards from scientific, engineering, and governmental bodies in Australia.[5][6]

2009 Interview with Engineers Australia

Australia's professional organization for engineers interviewed Hammer in 2009 regarding the keys to her success:[7]