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Industry: registry provider since 2012
Founded: 2001 (registry operations by KS)
Founder(s): Alexander Siffrin
Ownership: Key-Systems Group
Headquarters: St. Ingbert
Country: Germany
Businesses: Registry
Products: registry services for > 30 TLDs
Employees: KS Group: 100+
Website: KSregistry.com
Key People
Alexander Siffrin (CEO)
Oliver Fries (CTO)

KSregistry GmbH was an Internet infrastructure service provider. The company was part of the CentralNic Group providing back-end registry solutions for ccTLDs and new gTLDs.[1]

It was a direct subsidiary of Key-Systems GmbH, which has been offering registry services since 2001. In February 2012, the Key-Systems Group concentrated these services into the new KSregistry GmbH.[2]

KSregistry was the back-end provider for 16 Top Level Domains. The servers of KSregistry are in Germany - governed by German law.

New gTLDs - New Generic Top Level Domains

Among others, the following new TLDs used the registry system of KSregistry GmbH as technical framework:

.cam domain names can be used for any special purpose that you can think of. Like video presentation menu links, personal uses in social media and also for home use – you name it.

The generic top level domain (gTLD) .desi is a new domain extension to provide a unique platform to help the Desi Diaspora facilitate the distribution and exchange of information, products and services within the community. .DESI represents an informal term that is used by many members of the South Asian Diaspora to identify themselves. It refers to people, cultures and products from the Indian subcontinent and is used by the Diaspora to connote an origin or a connection with the Desi regions (desi video). Desi Networks, LLC, the organization behind .DESI, was formed in 2011 for the purpose of operating the DOT DESI gTLD. .desi started going live on 6 October 2014.

TUI AG, applied for the brand TLD .tui to create a comprehensive communications platform, serving its broad network of corporate affiliates, partners, agents, and clients. .TUI is intended to support the business and marketing objectives of the company. The new domain name space shall enable brand empowerment, self-determined domain allocation, and an extension of TUI’s brand protection and control through the creation of a unique TLD architecture. TUI AG is Europe’s leading travel company providing tour operators, retail shops, online portals, airlines and incoming services for over 30 million customers. The TUI company comprises three corporate divisions: TUI Travel, TUI Hotels & Resorts, and TUI Cruises (see also TUI registry).

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), a publicly-held stock corporation located in Germany and one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the world, use the registry system of KSregistry GmbH for the TLDs .BMW and .MINI.

Geographic & ccTLDs

The dotSaarland GmbH (nic.saarland) [1], is the registry for the .saarland TLD (go live/online since October 30 2014). KSregistry GmbH was in charge of the technical backend of the new Geographic Top Level Domain. “Saarland” is the name of a federal state within Germany. The company provides a platform which serves the needs of the regional community and promotes the region and its people, services and regional attractions to all who share an interest in it. The TLD is not restricted. The dotSaarland GmbH is a member of the non-profit organisation dotSaarland e.V., which was founded in 2009, and supports the activities of the association.

The Canton of Zurich, single applicant for the .zuerich TLD, agreed to work with the KSregistry GmbH, which will provide the technical backend for the new generic top level domain. The .ZUERICH TLD is part of a new branding concept for Zurich started in 2011 and shall represent the Canton of Zurich, one of the largest of Switzerland’s 26 national districts, and the city of Zurich, the largest city in the country. .ZUERICH will be the new domain extension to promote the local industry, scientific interests, tourism and marketing, and to highlight the high standard of living in the Zurich region. .ZUERICH will be a restricted TLD.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), an agent of the state Grenada, has delegated the operation of .gd the ccTLD of Grenada and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Virgin Islands (TRC) has sourced out the operation of .vg, the ccTLD of Virgin Islands to KSregistry.

Security & DataCenter

KSregistry's main components are set up as a cluster with a minimum of two servers, and all system backups are distributed to two different geographical sites. The complete design of their system is based on TIER III architecture, in order to guarantee maximum security for all services. By using their own DataCenter the company is able to ensure fast reaction times and full process control.[3]

Domain Store

With its Domain Store Ksregistry provides a white-label shop solution for domains. The Domain Store allows registries to offer their top level domains to end customers by using the turn-key retail sales platform for domains as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud.

The white-label shop solution is adaptable to the corporate desing of the client and allows the full automation of the domain selling process. Thanks to the user-friendly web interface, end customers can register and administer domains in an easy and target-group-specific manner. Furthermore, the distribution of additional products, such as web hosting packages or e-mail services is possible with the Domain Store. The flexible price administration, automated billing processes and the connection to established payment service providers complete the functionality of the all-in-one solution. The Domain Store offers the complete portfolio of ccTLDs, gTLDs and new top level domains.

Cooperation with OpenRegistry

In January 2017 OpenRegistry joined the KeyDrive Group and combined best solutions within the Group.

Cooperation with CentralNic

With the merger of the KeyDrive Group and CentralNic, all registry backend services were outsourced to CentralNic.

Merger with Key-Systems GmbH

In 2020 the company was merged onto Key-Systems GmbH.