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Affiliation: Net Mania

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Karaitiana Taiuru is currently working as the Director of Digital Media Solutions at Net Mania Ltd and as an editor at NZ Department of Internal Affairs; he is also an advisor for the Steering Committee at Christchurch Computers in Homes, and for the Public Interest Registry.

He has over 16 years of national and international experience as a Web and Internet consultant; specializing in communications, online collaborations and online Indigenous issues. He is also an expert on online strategies to increase profits and visitors.[1]

Previously he has worked as the Web Tools Advisor for the Ministry of Economic Development, Chairman of APRALO, and as the leader of dotIndigi.com.


He received his education from Christchurch Polytechnic, Curtin University of Technology and the DiploFoundation.[2]

Publications & Presentations

  • e-Carvers of the new Digital World (Presentation to the International Indigenous Librarians Forum – Otaki NZ).
  • Advantages of Web 2.0 for membership building (ICANN RALO meeting in Mexico).
  • Localisation and Multilingualism of the Internet. Presentation to APNG Thailand.
  • Ten IT Cost Saving Tips for Not for Profit Organisations
  • Māori Language Domains
  • Dictionary of Computer Related Terms Edition 2
  • Te Kete Potae – Guidelines for creating an Organisation Macron Policy
  • Creating macrons for Linux
  • Guidelines for creating and maintaining a bilingual website.
  • Creating macrons for the Macintosh.
  • Accessing nz.soc.maori and Understanding Usenet/Newsgroups.
  • Understanding Domain Names.
  • Protect your Iwi and Hapu names on the Internet.
  • How to register .maori.nz and other domains.
  • How to obtain a Web site and or Email
  • Creating Macrons for the Internet .
  • Creating macrons for Microsoft Windows.
  • How to get connected to the Internet.[3]